Below are all the services O’Brien Drainage provide – if you have a problem that is not listed below, then please contact us to see if we can help or point you in the right direction.

Areas we cover – All Yorkshire and Surrounding Areas. Scunthorpe and Surrounding Areas.

O’Brien  Drainage provides septic tank emptying and maintenance for domestic and commercial properties across Yorkshire.

Septic Tanks exist where main sewers are not present and can be found mainly in rural areas. The septic tanks collect and store sewage solids using chemicals that break down waste. When broken down, the remaining liquid passes through the outlet pipe to a soakaway. When the storage gets full, the septic tank must be cleaned and pumped.

The O’Brien Drainage  team have obtained years of knowledge and experience in dealing with septic tanks and can and empty your septic tank when required.

O’Brien  Drainage can provide initial advice and information regarding septic tanks and will arrange a visit if required.

Our Services include:

  • Regular septic tank emptying and servicing to reduce the risk of the septic tank overflowing.
  • Septic tank cleaning to prevent blockages in your sewage system.

O’Brien Drainage can provide septic tank emptying services across the whole of Yorkshire. We can remove your waste quickly and efficiently.

Our engineers can service towns including York, Harrogate,  Doncaster,  Goole , Selby , Rotherham, Pontefract and  and more.

To book in a septic tank empty call 0800 246 1079 we can arrange a date and time to suit you.

Road gullies are designed to handle surface water and to retain debris-usually leaves and silts, to prevent them entering the drainage system and causing pipe blockages and flooding.

With the risk of flooding increasing year on year and record levels of rain fall in certain areas, the need for cleaning road gullies has become even more significant and relevant.

Whether as part of an ongoing maintenance plan or a one-off emergency fix, we can supply a gully sucker to attend your site and undertake the cleaning of all gullies, ensuring the removed waste is disposed of correctly meeting legislation.

Areas we cover

All Yorkshire and Surrounding Areas. Scunthorpe and Surrounding Areas.

O’Brien Drainage CCTV Investigations are capable of surveying pipes and ductwork . Utilising the latest generation of digital inspection systems and custom made Inspection units, we are able to provide solutions to a wide range of CCTV Inspection requirements.

Drainage surveys are used by a variety of different clients for a variety of different reasons.

  • New installations
  • Fault finding & investigation
  • Environmental and pollution: cause / solutions

On completion of all investigations, a drainage report will be produced. 

As with all of our services, inspections can be undertaken out of hours. We can access remote areas with our off-road vehicle,  as our camera equipment is portable and versatile.

Areas we cover

Yorkshire and Surrounding Areas and Scunthorpe and Surrounding Areas

O’Brien Drainage provides domestic high pressure water jetting services for businesses across Yorkshire for drainage problems that require a blockage clearing or the drains cleaning.

Water jetting is generally used to break up the most stubborn drain blockages or to remove debris such as fat and grease that has built up within the drain.

O’Brien Drainage can handle any drain cleaning or blockage in Yorkshire using jetting units that are equipped with powerful high pressure water jetting facilities that will flush blockages and debris from the drainage system.

Whether it is an initial pre-clean prior to a CCTV inspection or simply a blockage that requires jetting clear, O’Brien Drainage have a specialist water jetting team on hand to deal with any blockage or cleaning demands.

O’Brien Drainage provide excavation services for homes across Yorkshire in order to lay new drainage and replace damaged drains serving the property.

When a damaged domestic drain requires excavation and repairs, the cost and duration of the work can vary enormously depending on a number of factors including the impact on the surrounding area and the required equipment.

Once instructed, the O’Brien Drainage team will assess the drainage situation, identify the drainage problem and ensure that the most appropriate action is taken to provide a solution.

O’Brien Drainage have invested in the latest excavation machinery that allows for pipe laying and drain replacement services and any JCB-based work to be done at the same time as renewing existing systems.

The O’Brien Drainage team are trained and qualified in line with current legislation and comply with all health and safety regulations for excavation. This ensures that all excavation work is carried out to the highest quality standard.

O’Brien Drainage run a full time specialist excavation team that carry out emergency or planned drain repairs plus new installations daily, on domestic and commercial properties. Whether undertaking an insurance job or working on a new installation, you can expect the same professionalism throughout, ensuring we meet all the latest legislations. 

O’Brien Drainage provides drain clearance and drain cleaning services for homes across the Yorkshire area.

Common domestic drain services include the clearance of blockages in waste and stack pipes, serving basins, sinks, toilets and urinals.

A blocked drain at a domestic property will generally occur due to a build-up of debris/silt in the drainpipe or as a result of a structural defect. Some other common causes of a drain blockages are accumulated deposits of detergent and grease, closely followed by the disposal of inappropriate materials such as sanitary products and wipes.

Blocked domestic drains can often be cleared using drainage rods. For more stubborn blockages high pressure water jetting is an alternative approach.

Skilled engineers from O’Brien Drainage provide a 24/7 reactive blocked drain service for homes across Yorkshire and are available to deal with blocked drains on an emergency basis.

In addition to basic domestic drain clearance, O’Brien Drainage can also provide de-scaling and extensive drain cleaning service.

All O’Brien Drainage engineers in Yorkshire are equipped with drainage rods and a water jetting unit that allows blocked drains to be dealt with quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

The length of the soakaway drainage field drains is determined by the number of bedrooms in the house and the porosity of the soil. The new regulations state that for any house up to and including 3 bedrooms, the minimum size sewage system that can be installed is for 5 persons, with one extra person added for each extra bedroom. A 3 bedroom house requires a 5 person plant, a 4 bedroom house a 6 person plant, etc.

The porosity can only be determined by a percolation test which measures the time it takes for water to drop 1mm. in the percolation test hole. From this time, known as a V value, the length of drain required can be calculated.



  • Excavations of the site to accept the new unit
  • Drains and pipework
  • Duct work for power supply
  • Landscaping of areas affected by the works
  • Commissioning of the new treatment plant
  • Emptying of the old treatment system (if requested).

Our team have impeccable knowledge and skillsets to get the job done in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Our friendly team will help you coordinate your sewage treatment plant installation right from the planning stage, including budget quotes and free on-site consultations, to an in-depth quotation including a full plan of action for the works. 

We have in-house specialists to help with planning permission, building control and discharge consents if required, and a dedicated team who can offer free technical advice either over the phone or by email should you need it.